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On Grid vs Off Grid Solar Power Systems


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You’ve finally decided to go green – congratulations! Now, you’re faced with a choices to make. From what type of solar panels you should have to whether or not you’re going to buy solar batteries. It can be overwhelming, however, there’s one very important thing you shouldn’t forget to consider.

Are you staying on the grid or are you ready to go off grid?

On Grid vs Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Which is Better?

In every solar power community, you’ll find those who prefer on grid or grid-tied solar systems over off-grid solar systems. Each side has their own merit but it’s best to remember that their preference is dependent on how each grid affects their own lifestyles.

Find the right one for you through this quick rundown of the benefits of both on grid and off grid solar systems.

On Grid or Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems

As the name suggests, on grid or grid-tied solar systems are attached to the utility grid. Generally, the on grid solar system is more popularly used as it allows consumers to be covered by their utility company even if their solar systems fail and malfunction.

Aside from this peace of mind, on grid solar systems also allow consumers to “sell back” any excess electricity produced by their solar panels to the system. This is called net metering. After a certain period of time, the credit the consumer built by selling back their excess energy can be cashed out at the end of their billing cycle.

However, a major disadvantage of on grid solar systems is that if the utility grid blacks out, so will their households. This is done to avoid accidents from electricity produced by solar power systems while utility workers work to bring the power back on.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off grid solar systems on the other hand is pretty self-explanatory – it means that your solar system is not attached to any utility grids. While less popular than on grid solar systems, this is still offered by companies like Solar On Electrical.

Off grid solar in Bendigo as are quite popular given that it provides consumers with complete independence from the grid. This system is also a great choice for remote communities and underdeveloped areas where utility grids don’t reach.

These same advantages are its own disadvantages as well.

Off grid solar systems have a greater upfront cost because it requires solar batteries, which tends to deteriorate fast. Additionally, any surplus electricity produced will go to waste because it has no utility grid to feed it back to.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, on grid and off grid solar power systems have their own pros and cons. If you live with your family and need a stable source of electricity while still looking to cut down your electricity bills, you may best go with an on grid system. Solar in Moama are usually on grid systems due to its proximity to the city.

However, if you’re looking to be more self-sufficient and prefer living away from the city, an off grid solar power system might just be the right fit for you.

There’s no right or wrong choice, only the best fit.

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